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KABE Copenhagen is specialized in one-component Do-It-Yourself plaster products with focus on user experience. You do not need any crafts experience or advanced tools to apply our products. A detailed instruction guide is attached for each of our products. 

With our product range it is possible to cover most imaginable surface. Below we will guide you to the product that is most suitable for your specific project. 

KABE series

The KABE series is designed for indoor walls, that are outside wet zones. KABE is a colored plaster with a special surface finish that gives dirt-repellent walls similar to that of paint gloss 10. The KABE series can be used in bathrooms as long as outside wet zones (shower, bath, etc.).


KABE is a colored plaster with a smooth texture


KABE Raw is a colored plaster with a rough texture

Advantages: The KABE series is easy to work with and gives a very beautiful and lively surface
Disadvantages: The KABE series is not strong enough for floors, furniture or wet areas.

Stone serien

KABE Stone is designed for furniture, walls and floors outside wet zones. The KABE Stone series consist of a primer, an acrylic resin based colored plaster and a special surface finish that gives a beautiful and lively surface.


KABE Stone is a fine, pre colored plaster. 

Stone Raw

Stone Base

KABE Stone Raw is a more rough, pre colored plaster. 

KABE Stone Base is used as a preceding treatment to KABE products.

Stone products have a very nice and lively surface and the surface finish is very easy to work with.
Disadvantages: KABE Stone is not waterproof.