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Kabe Stone+

KABE Stone+

KABE Stone+ is a colored plaster with a wear resistant and maintenance friendly surface treatment. KABE Stone+ is the only product in the range that is 100% waterproof. Therefore it is ideal in projects including wet zone areas; shower, bath sink etc.

KABE Stone+ is available in sets consisting of a primer, an pre colored acrylic resin based plaster and a varnish as topcoat. The topcoat is available in both matte and glossy. KABE Stone+ is designed as a Do-It-Yourself product. Therefore, the product consists solely of 1-component elements, that are ready to use. You do not need any crafts experience or advanced tools to apply KABE Stone+.


KABE Stone+ has a high wear resistance and it adheres well to most surfaces. For a good result, however, it is a prerequisite that the surface is stable, 100% even, dry and free of dust as well as oil and loose materials. This means that e.g. tiles have to be smoothened out before applying KABE Stone+. The product is suitable for surfaces that require elasticity. These include plaster, cement, wood and metal surfaces.

In Denmark, a specific wet zone protection is a legal requirement which is mandatory, despite KABE Stone+ being waterproof itself. Find more help in our instructions and get answers on your questions in the FAQ




For guidance on how to apply KABE Stone+ please read our instructions.