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KABE is a Japanese word describing the walls that are traditionally used in Japanese castles, temples, and exclusive teahouses. KABE Copenhagen is a Danish company, which since 2014 has specialized in the development of colored filler. KABE products are sold at retailers in Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and the UK. If you are not located in any of these countries, please contact us here. For special projects and concepts, we also develop individual colors to serve the preferences of our client.  


We consider the atmosphere in spaces and rooms to be particularly important, and therefore we have developed products that add new life to the surfaces in your surroundings. Our product portfolio consists of the KABE Series and KABE Stone series which are both based on colored filler products along with a special surface treatment. Common for all of them is that you get a lively surface, adding both a delicious look and feel to it. With KABE Copenhagen’s products you get surfaces that are both beautiful and functional.  


The idea behind KABE Copenhagen emerged as a recognition of a need for a new and contemporary surface for walls, floors and furniture. All KABE Copenhagen’s products have a unique surface that signals understated luxury and adds character to all colors. The colors are inspired by the Scandinavian lifestyle and are carefully developed. KABE Copenhagen’s products are primarily designed for the Do-It-Yourself segment and are suitable for everyone. 


With KABE og KABE Raw you can create beautiful walls with a lively surface that adds a personal touch to a room. Both products consist of colored plaster and a special surface finish that creates a unique look. With KABE and KABE Raw you get a wall that is both beautiful and functional. The sur-face is dirt repellant corresponding to paint gloss 10. 

KABE is available in 37 colors developed in corporation with Danish trend experts. 

Stone & Stone Raw

With the Stone series you can create beautiful furniture, a kitchen countertop or your own homemade floor. Only your imagination will limits you. Both products consist of a colored hard-wearing plaster with a special surface finish that creates a nice and rough look. The products are suitable on floors, furniture, countertops and walls exposed to high wear. 

Stone and Stone Raw are both available in 16 colors developed in corporation with Danish trend experts.